Sunday, October 5, 2008


left my hometown today to go somewhere a far away..
i will survive again here..bandar ikan pateeen..
sob..sob..crying again, tears flow down again...that so far..i can't imagine how was there..
no matter what, how??must b strong..n stronger again.. strong la yanie..n wake up la..
never sleep again..
someday i will falling love with this place..hopefully
no matter where u r.. do the best...

i.m leaving....
my mum..whose care on me..
baby sya..whose pampered so much to me..
my big boss...whose always want me be independent
my close frenzz..whose always support wherever i'm down.. heart always b there for u all..
life was so complicated..but how much complicated this life..don't be coward to face the fact..
i will learn from them..that are something new waiting for me there...

cold n flu come attack me again whenever i transfered to new place..
wish me luck!!!